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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Atla Thaddhe

Atla Thaddhe - Regional Festival of Andhra Pradesh

Atla Thaddhe is one of the most celebrated regional festivals of Andhra Pradesh. Atla Thaddhe is dedicated to worship Goddess Gauri.

Atla Thaddhe is celebrated on Aswayuja Krishna Thadiya, generally comes in October or November.

This is purely a women festival. On this day, women wake up early in the morning and perform spiritual bath or ceremonial bath. They eat Atlu (specially made dosas) after taking bath. They observe fasting till the evening. Women perform Gauri puja on this day.

It is believed that who celebrates Atla Thaddhe with utmost devotion, may be blessed with a good and caring husband.

Married women perform Gauri puja for good health of their families especially their life partners.

Atla thaddi is celebrated in Andhra by both married and unmarried women. On that day before the sun rises, girls take head bath and then they put the mehendi (gorintaaku). and eat the dosas with specially made chutneys for that day like amla or goose berry chutney and gongoora.

In the evening they do pooja to Goddess Gauri for a long and happy married life and long life of the husband and pray for begetting good husbands and children.

Throughout the day several games are played (in villages) and specially in the morning after eating those dosas women are supposed to sit in a jhoola and swing for sometime atleast . ( we call it ooyala in telugu).

This is a traditional festival celebrated from long long years back to pray Goddess Gauri.

Atlataddhi comes after Dasara. Ladies and young girls wake up early in the morning and have meals before sunrise and from then do fasting till sunset.They do not even have water.After sunset they do gauri pooja...then stories of Atlataddi's significance are told ...then we see the stars and the moon and then only break our fast.Then we have dosas and special dishes made for the ocassion.Gorintaaku is also put compulsorily.In the evenings dosas are given as vayanaaluu to married woman who also do fasting. All ladies have to swing on the jhoola for sometime.

Atlataddhi is observed by ladies for getting good ,handsome and loving husbands and that it is also done for getting good children.

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